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"Diversity and Inclusion Shouldn't be an Isolated Act of Charity" Meet the Authors Part 7

Every Wednesday on the TG Consulting Blog, we will be sharing quotes from 3 of our very own Authors, you can find parts one - six here. If you like what you have read, you can buy You Are A Limited Edition here , a book with a collection of stories from students which are inspiring and motivational. All profits go towards supporting young people who face barriers to employment. You can also find more information about our authors and the book on Instagram: @youarealimitededitionofficial .

Chloe Ambrose

"I hope my story provides insight for the next generation who have no choice but to heal from what has already happened and rebuild with the knowledge that positive change is happening. "

"I’ll leave you with my biggest learning. The only person you can truly rely on, when no one else is around, is you. You can choose to get sucked in to other people’s insecurities or life’s set-backs or you can continue to do you. To live life the way you want to positively live it. No valentines? Write yourself a card. No travel-loving relatives? Go on a solo adventure. No friends? Be your own friend. In these actions, lie the realisation that we are never really alone when we befriend and embrace ourselves. "

Jeffrey Arthur

"Sharing my story has given me, for the first time, a chance to properly reflect on my own experience and the experience of others who come from similar backgrounds. I hope all who read it – whether senior executives or students – come to understand the importance of working together to increase access to all, regardless of their background or social-economic status."

"But for continued progress, especially after the Black Lives Matter Protests and the death of George Floyd, everyone – from educational institutions and corporations to government bodies – should view diversity, inclusion and representation not as an act of isolated charity or a means to polish their external images, but as an essential part of improving society and increasing access for all. "

Lydia Oldroyd

"Through writing this piece I was able to reflect on what has been a difficult year and if anyone takes anything away from reading this, I hope you know you are worthy of security and happiness. "

"While I can say that I have been beyond lucky in this pandemic to have not experienced any loss or much true hardship, I feel that - for myself - this has been a valuable time of introspection that has benefitted me massively. I don’t think my imposter syndrome will miraculously disappear but after focusing my efforts in second year and experiencing vacation scheme applications, I do see myself as better equipped. "

For more information about the book and our fabulous authors, you can find us on Instagram: @youarealimitededitionofficial and you can purchase the book on Amazon or Waterstones by clicking here .

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By Ciara Martin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator.