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We are diverse in our thinking and our curious and pragmatic way of working ensures we work with you to better understand the wider context in order to unearth unexpected insights. We forge true partnerships with our clients and deliver creative solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes and impact.

The team has delivered high-level strategic projects for stakeholders, often in challenging or mission-critical circumstances and worked with universities and employers and suppliers, all for the benefit of students.

Our diverse team of associates has worked in the higher education and early talent space, working with employers, universities, vendors and membership organisations to drive better outcomes for our stakeholders, including academics and students. We are therefore, best placed to pick the perfect delivery team, for any project that comes our way.

We offer a range of services from short term or strategic support to aligning services and team structures, so whatever your project, drop us a line and we will connect, collaborate and create.


As university enrolments continue to rise steadily,
with a record number of young people in the UK entering university each year, the system is driven by demand as universities look to attract students each year.

We can help you develop and provide a robust and well-rounded student experience that will help you to engage and attract perspective students and positively impact your current students. We understand all aspects of the higher education environment, including employability, progression, student engagement and experience.


We have experience in HE stakeholder management and understand the metrics, processes, challenges and parameters you are working in.

Our services include:

  • Graduate and student employability training and coaching

  • Embedding employability frameworks and modelling

  • Graduate outcomes strategy

  • Employability and Careers service health checks

  • Employer engagement alignment

  • Programme analysis

  • TEF Performance improvement and submissions

  • Institutional portfolio reviews




Education can be the gateway to social mobility and a core tool in breaking the disadvantage cycle, however, the evidence shows that the employability skills gap remains problematic as top graduate jobs are still being dominated by those from advantaged backgrounds.

We have expertise in developing and scaling initiatives to support your widening participation students, to really close the employability skills gap and level the playing field. The team have working knowledge of the UK social mobility landscape and can support you to identify opportunities to increase engagement with hard to reach students, break down barriers and create real world opportunities for your students.

 Some of our services in this space include:

  • Development of student engagement initiatives

  • Development of Access Agreement business cases and project plans

  • Provide data analysis and recommendations for increased student engagement and confidence

  • Work-Based learning and placement provisions

  • Progression, student engagement and experience reviews

  • Embedding real world learning opportunities in the curriculum

  • TEF Performance improvement and submissions


We understand the higher education and student environment well and can provide useful insights into the higher education space including the student journey and recent trends. This will align your campaigns and products so you can have a clear proposition, targeted solution and engaging campaign.

 Some of our services in this space include:

  • Recruitment campaign consultation

  • Talent attraction strategies

  • Higher education insights

  • Student voice campaigns

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