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New Starter Alert: Welcome to the team, Rhiannon!

We are excited to welcome Rhiannon onto the TG Consulting team, where she will be working as a Partnerships & Engagement Executive focusing on important work for our RE:ACTION 24/7 programme!

Tell us about yourself and why you wanted to join the TG consulting team?

Rhiannon says: As an avid mental health activist, I feel privileged to be working for TG Consulting Ltd as their Partnerships and Engagement Executive, supporting students with poor mental health, suffering from low self-esteem, or from minority backgrounds to obtain the same career and education opportunities as their peers.

My personal ethics are very much in line with TGC’s company ethos, and I am proud to be working for such a distinguished company with the aim of supporting young people like myself to reach their potential.

Having previously worked in A&E as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, I bring an OT stance to my role, with a focus on maximising independence and improving quality of life.

My Psychology studies have armed me with a plethora of communication skills, alongside a profound knowledge of how society and cultural expectations can alter an individual’s perspective and influence social behaviour. This knowledge will aid my understanding of the student experience and the ways in which the company can best support young people to overcome adversity and achieve their objectives.

What are you most looking forward to about your role?

Rhiannon says: I am most looking forward to witnessing individual growth, forming new partnerships, engaging with students, as well as having the opportunity to positively impact another’s academic/career journey.

Tonia says:

Delighted to welcome Rhiannon to TG Consulting at a time of exciting growth with some big partnerships launching this autumn. We also have some exciting plans for new initiatives, which Rhiannon will be instrumental in helping to deliver. Welcome RS to the team!!!

What does TG Consulting offer?

At TG Consulting, we are passionate about connecting Higher Education Institutions and Employers to engage students, embedding employability into the curriculum, and breaking down student barriers. We offer student and staff training and support for careers services and strategic planning, and we pride ourselves on prioritising the employment of student interns and graduates, ensuring they are at the centre of all our projects. We have won the Best New Business at the Best Businesswomen Awards, and recently, our RE:ACTION 24/7 partnership programme won the AGCAS Excellence Award, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity 2022.

If you are interested in our services or would like a free consultation, please get in contact with us:

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