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2020 - Never to be forgotten

What a year 2020 was. I took a risk and followed my passion, and after much due diligence and deliberation, I went full-throttle and set up TG Consulting Ltd in February. At the time, all was seemingly well with the UK economy. Literally, overnight, everything went to s@~!

A couple of large contracts we had on the table suddenly disappeared overnight and we had to act fast to turn our services around to fit into a totally different Higher Education and employability landscape.

However, the global pandemic was a blessing in disguise. You see, for someone who has always doubted their own abilities, and hated the unknown, Covid-19 forced me to push myself completely out of my comfort zone.

And with no one really to lean on who had ever been through a global pandemic (the textbooks have not been printed yet) I and many others had to just go with the flow. It was a little like being nine years old again and playing ‘offices’ with my sisters, where we would spend hours pretending we knew what we were doing, and just talking on the phone and writing notes.

It has been hair-raising, to say the least, but without the events of 2020 we would not have:

  • Launched a successful podcast series, The Student Sessions, with over 5000 downloads (with series 3 just around the corner) and some sensational guests

  • Recruited 22 students and graduates to work with us in some way, shape or form (all paid)

  • Taken on some incredible new Associates, who are specialists in their field

  • Connected with some incredible new clients

  • Been able to undertake some great client work with more in the 2021 pipeline

  • Been shortlisted for x 2 awards (The Social Mobility Awards, National Undergraduate Employability Awards)

  • Made new friends along the way (LinkedIn really is awesome)

  • Developed a fantastic, unique virtual programme to enhance the student journey and support the institutional efforts around social mobility and diversity and inclusion

  • A VERY exciting new initiative launching in two weeks (no I can’t tell you yet)

  • Above all, we have been able to build a team of dreams, and all that in less than a year, and we have not once compromised on quality… and still, NO REGRETS!

Aside from being on a first-name basis with the Amazon delivery driver and having a favourite face mask, the team and I have made the most of all 2020 has thrown at us. Here at TG Consulting, we have supported each other and had fun along the way – and our weekly team quizzes have shown the competitive streak in everyone!

So, what does 2021 hold for us all? Let’s face it, no one really seems to have a clue, but here at TG Consulting, our intentions are to continue to focus on the employability agenda and benefit those young people who need it most.

Bring it 2021!

Written by Tonia Galati


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