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Experience the transformative power of community and support with our unique Book Club, where your students become the author and create their own Bestseller. 

Featuring up to 25 of our own students sharing their personal journeys of overcoming challenges, this bespoke service serves as an inspiration to help empower students realise their full potential, fostering a strong sense of belonging and ownership with the authors.


All royalties are reinvested into the institution building a lasting legacy that strengthens your campus community through shared experiences and resilience.


What the service offers:

  • An institution-specific publication with 25 of your own students sharing their lived experiences of overcoming challenges and adversity.

  • A bespoke publication, that can be used as a toolkit by your student population.
    (helping with isolation and to create a sense of belonging).

  • A marketing tool for student attraction activity, where you are showing potential students how you as an institution will support and encourage them to reach their potential.

  • An on-campus book launch event, where key stakeholders and employers can join in celebrating the authors.

  • Your book will be listed on Amazon worldwide, Kindle and wholesale.

  • You will own the book license, enabling you to provide online access to students.

  • All book royalties go straight back to your institution.

  • If you run The Big Read project this is a great opportunity to create a community on campus through these shared and powerful lived experiences.

  • Great for your access and participation plan!

"Today's been about a number of students from the business school who shared with us their story, the journey they've been on that's led them to arrive to study at Sheffield Hallam University. 

We would absolutely do something similar with TG Consulting. The feedback from students today has been amazing; they have got so much from it, so given the opportunity, we would definitely do it again." 

Damion Taylor
Sheffield Hallam University

What our authors had to say

Sheffield Hallam White Back.png

I’m delighted to share my personal experience and journey with TG Consulting. I wholeheartedly recommend this invaluable opportunity to fellow students and graduates in the future.”

Chenhao (Mirror) Song,

Sheffield Hallam University

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