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The importance of role models in career development

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

For series 3 of The Student Sessions podcast, we are dedicating it to showcasing role models and their incredible stories, which will go live in the new year.

What is a role model? Role models can be defined in a number of different ways and can be mean something entirely different to every individual. However, their most noteworthy strength is their ability to provide young people with someone to look up to who has achieved great success. As a result, role models have become particularly crucial in a young person’s professional and personal development.

However, role models are so much more than their success and their end goals. It is those who have triumphed and overcome great adversity and obstacles to gain their success which speaks so loudly to so many young people.

For this year in particular, role models have become an extremely valuable tool amidst the pandemic. Millions of young people are living isolated away from their place of study and delaying future career prospects. And with all universities operating on a mostly virtual basis, this has left students feeling even more lost when it comes to their career direction and career development.

How Black Lives Matter impacted education and career development

During the pandemic, there have been many societal issues brought to light which have affected many of us in one way or another. This included the education system, career development and the job market.

In particular, the Black Lives Matter movement is one movement that has shaped society a lot this year, gaining huge traction within the UK. In its prime, it connected millions of young activists worldwide who campaigned, attended protests and supported the crucial cause from home.

Role models from all over the globe helped unite the world among this extremely vital movement. Celebrities such as Lizzo, Stormzy, Beyonce and Regina King propelled the younger generations to stand by the movement and to create real change - to become history makers.

The underpinnings of this movement included promoting change within the education and career system to create more diversity and equality within top-tier job roles as well as within the workplace.

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to hold great relevance today in shaping educational policies and career development. We at TG Consulting strongly believe in supporting and championing those from disadvantaged backgrounds onto substantial career paths and supporting the values of individuals, no matter their background.

We will continue to implement strategies that will elevate and provide the best support for students and graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds in their career development. This also includes providing students from a BAME background a real seat at the table.

What role models mean for students

Here at TG Consulting, we understand just how important is for students to have access to role models who truly represent them. We understand how difficult it can be for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their highest potential in their careers and education without them.

When students see an individual who comes from a similar background to them and embodies who they are within top-tier job positions or in life in general, it provides confidence and reassurance to young people that they can also achieve this and go above and beyond their goals.

Tonia Galati, Director & Founder of TG Consulting, says:

Role models are critical to student aspirations and career progression, and we know that those from disadvantaged backgrounds lack access to real life superheroes. The value of role models is invaluable for students, which is why we are extremely pleased to be hosting series 3 of The Student Sessions Podcast in the new year which is completely dedicated to role models. Guests will include students, graduates, well known individuals, and those who are achieving great career success within UK organisations.”

If you are interested in taking part in The Student Sessions, and feel you have what it takes to be featured as a role model and have a great story to tell, or know someone who does, let us know by emailing us at

What do TG Consulting offer?

TG Consulting offers a bespoke service across employability, student engagement, social mobility and diversity, and we are building a culture to challenge the way that universities, employers and suppliers work together, with students at the core. We work in true partnership with our clients, all of whom benefit from our insight, knowledge and experience.

You will receive our full focus as we approach every project with fresh ideas. As such, the work of TG Consulting has been recognised at this year’s UK Social Mobility Awards, shortlisted in the Best Small Business of the Year category.

If you are interested in a virtual coffee and a free initial consultation please contact us via

By Katie Watson, TG Consulting Intern


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