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The AGCAS Award for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity 2022 goes to...

Last week, we were absolutely thrilled to receive the news that our RE:ACTION 24/7 partnership programme had won the AGCAS Excellence Award, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity 2022.

"The RE:ACTION 24/7 programme really stood out for the judges in a competitive category for its collaborative approach, the strength of the feedback from participants, and the strong impact measures. The judges were particularly impressed by the way the students responded to the programme and they liked the focus on improving feelings of confidence and belonging."

AGCAS Final Judging Panel

In February 2022, we partnered with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and 7 universities; Aston University, Leeds Beckett University, Greenwich University, Swansea University, Edge Hill University, Middlesex University, and Queen Mary University of London to deliver RE:ACTION 24/7 - a programme focused on enhancing student participants' confidence, sense of belonging and career aspirations.

With over 3000 student sign ups, the student interaction was excellent, with many students stepping outside of their comfort zone and onto the virtual stage, sharing their experiences with their peers.

"This programme has helped me develop and step outside of my comfort zone, which I am really grateful for." another student expressed, "I feel this programme has equipped me with the skills and methods to achieve my goals regardless of my background or current position."

Following a fantastic seven, we were delighted to receive positive feedback from our partner universities.

Andy Cooper, Careers Consultant at Aston University, voiced, "The feedback from the students was very enthusiastic and positive about the overall programme. We can see the benefits of showcasing successful role models for students and highlighting their career journeys, including the obstacles they had overcome to get where they are."

Becka Colley-Foster, Senior Careers Advisor from Edge Hill University, expressed that "Our students who have been involved in the programme have praised the sessions as insightful and inspiring. In particular, the messages of self-belief have resonated with a lot of students. I believe our students can come away from this programme feeling braver and bolder, able to seize the opportunities that come their way and feel deserving of them."

In Autumn 2022, we look forward to delivering 2 more RE:ACTION 24/7 partnerships, RE:ACTION 24/7 Social Mobility (in partnership with Enterprise Rent-a-Car) and RE:ACTION 24/7 Racial Equity (in partnership with RateMyPlacement)! For more information on how you can get involved, please contact

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