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NUE Awards Best Small to Medium Sized Employer 2022 goes to...

On 4th March 2022, nerves were running rampant through the minds of 4 members of the TG Consulting team as we each emerged from our various corners of the country and journeyed into central London. Not only were we meeting one another for the first time, which was a strange but wonderful experience, but we were attending the NUE Awards – the National Undergraduate Employability Awards ceremony, where we were nominated for not one, but two awards!

Kicking off around 11:30am, we were the recipients of a panel discussion consisting of various industry experts, who provided us with insightful advice about employability, and the impact on employability and student confidence due to the pandemic.

As a young, recent graduate who has only just stepped into the world of employment, it was definitely useful to hear what these employers and specialists had to offer me in terms of what to expect, and I hope that soon-to-be university graduates will be able to take their advice on board. What stood out to me, in particular, was the strong emphasis on the importance of humanities subjects; sometimes it is implied, and this was backed up in the discussion, that the job prospects for humanities students are either in less demand or are more difficult to access than STEM subjects, but we were reassured that this was not in fact the case. I was so happy to see this support for the humanities voiced by industry and employability experts, and to see the humanities get the recognition it deserves.

By the time the award ceremony rolled around, the ocean of nerves had calmed (maybe due to the flow of Prosecco?) and the four of us were encouraging each other to be brave and approach new people and start new conversations. It was fantastic to meet a whole host of new people hailing from a wide plethora of different backgrounds and institutions and fields.

Then, the awards. Even the Prosecco couldn’t keep the nerves away by then, at least for me! But it all worked out in the end, as we WON Best Small-Medium Sized Employer 2022! Not only is winning an award a brilliant feeling, but to win the same award for the second year in a row really reminded us that TG Consulting’s vision is both an important one, and one that is continuing to come to life. And to know that we are succeeding in our mission is all we really need. But a nice trophy is always good too!

We want to congratulate everyone who also received an award that day, and we are more motivated than ever to see our mission through and help students on their own journeys, in education and in life.

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