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New starters: Welcome Team Kingston University!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

TG Consulting is an independent educational consultancy that specialises in connecting educators, students and employers.

Our ethos is to connect, collaborate and create.

We have students at the core of our delivery and recognise the importance of offering valuable, CV-enriching, work experience and creating opportunities and are delighted to be working with our next intake of virtual interns from Kingston University.

For the very first time, TG Consulting will be welcoming three students who will be working together as a virtual team, enabling them to not only better their own professional development and skills but also their ability to work in an authentic team environment.

Teamworking skills are extremely valuable to have in the workplace and are becoming increasingly more important in the current Covid-19 climate due to lack of physical connections being made.

Keeping your team's morale high and working most effectively through the medium of virtual communication is now more important than ever in terms of business functionality and is at the core of any great business.

According to a global employee survey from Willis Towers Watson, only 16% of employees working in strong teams reported moderate to high distractions in their current working environment, compared to 56% who cited lacking stronger team connections. 

Here at TG Consulting, we are proud to say that we put our connections first and are delighted to welcome our next lot of interns. Here is what they had to say:

Ashleigh Donaldson, who is completing a postgraduate degree in Occupational and Business Psychology, says:

“I feel that this internship will help greatly improve and support my personal and professional development, providing me with the opportunity to harness what I have learnt from my time at university and apply it to real life situations. I also feel that this is a great opportunity for exponential learning and growth and will allow me to gain new skills and build on my strengths. It will also allow me to connect, create and collaborate with new people who have similar interests and valuable experience.”

Didi Berisha, who studied a degree in Politics and International Relations, says:

“I chose to work at TG Consulting as an intern because of the great potential they have in the student and graduate community. Their The Student Sessions podcast offers great additional guidance and support to students both during and after their studies and I recognise what an invaluable resource it is to students.”

Hal Comer, a recent graduate of Sport Science and Business Management, says:

“Over the past four years I have studied a variety of business modules in three different countries and I am excited to be able to use the in-depth knowledge I’ve developed about business models and frameworks to the TG Consulting business. I also feel that I am a great team communicator which is a useful skill especially when working in a fully virtual environment.”

Welcome to the TG Consulting team Ashleigh, Didi and Hal!  We know you are going to be fabulous and are excited about your impact in the upcoming weeks.

What do TG Consulting offer?

We provide a bespoke service and are building a culture to challenge the way that universities, employers and suppliers work together, with students at the core. We work in true partnership with our clients, all of whom benefit from our insight, knowledge and experience.

You will receive our full focus as we approach every project with fresh ideas. As such, the work of TG Consulting has been recognised at this year’s UK Social Mobility Awards, as we have been shortlisted under the Small Business of the Year category.

If you are interested in offering an internship or want to have a chat over a virtual coffee and a free initial consultation, please contact us via

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