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New Starter Alert: Welcome Argo Dutta!

TG Consulting is an independent consultancy that specialises in connecting educators, employers and students. Our Ethos is to Connect, Collaborate and Create.

This week we welcome Argo Dutta from Henley Business School. He will be working with us for a period of 3 months to increase exposure of the business to the international market!

We asked Argo:

What are you most looking forward to as an Intern joining TG Consulting?

Argo says: "Learning and contributing. I want to contribute to the growth and success of TG Consulting through my skills, experience and passion. I want to learn about the industry, culture, and people from the team of young professionals in a diverse and inclusive environment. I am looking forward to being a part of this vibrant and passionate team, which is working for the wellbeing of the society, that would also give me a sense of immense fulfilment and self-satisfaction.

I believe that if we have a strong conviction on an idea then it becomes much easier for us to convince people to embrace that, and this is where I think I would gain immensely from TG Consulting as I firmly believe on their principle- Connect, Create and Collaborate. Our services are meant not only for the professionals and students but also for the potential leaders of the future who have not been able to unleash their full potentials due to various reasons. As an intern, it would be a matter of extreme pride for me if I can contribute to this noble cause. "

What made you apply to TG Consulting?

Argo says: "TG Consulting addresses the most important, but often the most neglected, aspect of higher education- employability of students. When I joined my first job, I could understand how important and difficult it was for a young graduate to understand the deliverables in a corporate environment and how I wished there was more training in my academic curriculum on them. I believe that the future is all about a stronger industry-institute interaction delivering students with high analytical, critical, and practical mindset, who can not only run and grow the business but also transform them for the future.

TG Consulting also addresses one more important and closer to my heart topic- Supporting people who have faced various barriers in life. Having been brought up in a small, sleepy township in an extreme corner of a huge and diverse country, I have faced several obstacles in my life in terms of my cultural background, access to resources and basic amenities and social discrimination."

The book " You are a Limited Edition" is an extremely sensitive but addresses strongly this age-old issue which has often been neglected or systematically avoided. I feel extremely motivated and charged up to be a part of an organisation which is working towards a goal of not only changing the professional world but also to change the social and demographical stereotypes to create an inclusive society. "

Tonia (Director and Founder of TG Consulting) says: " Delighted to be welcoming Argo to the TG Consulting family and really looking forward to him starting on his project. This will be one of two projects with an international focus, and I know that Argo will be a real asset to the team too."

What do TG Consulting Offer?

TG Consulting is an Independent consultancy that connects employers, educators and students. Our Ethos is to: connect, collaborate and create. Our services include: graduate and student employability training, careers service health checks and development of student engagement initiatives.

If you are interested in our services please email: .

By Ciara Martin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator.

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