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New Consultant Alert: Welcome Cat Carey!

TG Consulting is delighted to welcome Cat Carey to the team, with an abundance of experience in Higher Education, we know she’ll be a perfect fit for the team.

We asked Cat: How do you think your expertise will aid TG Consulting's mission to break down barriers to employment?

Cat says: “Having worked alongside Tonia Galati previously, I am very clear on, and am strongly aligned to, her core mission to remove barriers to individual and collective success - particularly for those from under-represented groups.

A practical, creative, solutions-focussed individual, I seek opportunities to use my experience and develop insight strategies to refine the understanding of what prevents success, to strategically approach the prevention, removal and successful navigation of barriers, to give the best possible chances to the people I have the opportunity to affect.

My career has involved developing opportunities to work alongside those early in their careers on funded projects building their employability skills and paying them for their invaluable input e.g. design students addressing accessibility within key institution-wide information systems.

My appetite for knowledge and helping others has also seen me facilitating academic schools, student services and careers services through internal and external, academic and industrial accreditations and continuous improvement activity, and working alongside experts from a range of UK HEIs to develop further insights into those who are ‘hard to reach’ in the context of Higher Education and Employability.

What are you most looking forward to about your role and joining the TG Consulting team?

Cat says: "My role requires me to conceive, capture, monitor, strengthen and demonstrate the impact of the very important work we do in partnership with our brilliant clients. A committed enthusiast, I am looking forward to everything at TG Consulting Ltd. and have already had the privilege to work on the first deployment of the RE:ACTION 24/7 pioneer programme in partnership with FutureQuest and UWE.

TG Consulting Ltd. brings together a wonderful melting pot of very talented, skilled, and inspirational people at all stages of their career journey, to deliver important programmes and services which have immediate and lasting impact on stakeholders. I am honoured to be on board.

You can read more about Cat and her role here

Tonia (Director and Founder of TG Consulting) says: "I am really looking forward to having Cat Carey on board as our data queen! Having worked with Cat previously I am excited for us to collaborate again and this is most definitely a reunion I am delighted about! Cat is going to be a really great addition to the TG Consulting family and I am looking forward to our collaborations going forward!"

What do TG Consulting offer?

TG Consulting is passionate about connecting Higher Education Institutions and Employers to engage students, embed employability in the curriculum and break down the barriers for students.

We can offer you student and staff upskilling and training, support careers services and strategic planning and support. We have recently won the award for Top Small to Medium Undergraduate Employer at the NUE awards. We pride ourselves on employing student interns and graduates, ensuring they are at the centre of all our projects here at TG Consulting.

If you are interested in our services or would like a free consultation, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us:

By Saamiyah Khan, PR Executive.

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