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"Never be Ashamed of Who You Are" Meet The Authors Part 8

Every Wednesday on the TG Consulting Blog, we have been sharing quotes from 3 of our very own Authors, You can find the first 7 parts here. Today's post is our final instalment in the series! If you like what you have read, you can buy You Are A Limited Edition here , a book with a collection of stories from students which are inspiring and motivational. All profits go towards supporting young people who face barriers to employment. You can also find more information about our authors and the book on Instagram: @youarealimitededitionofficial .

Amy Roberts

"Sharing my story has made me realise just how much I have overcome, and I should believe in myself more. I hope that my future self continues knocking down obstacles. I hope that by sharing my experiences that other disabled students feel empowered and see that disability does not mean inability."

"If I could share one piece of advice, it would be this:

Be yourself, disability and all! Think about all the strengths and skills you have developed as a result of, or even despite, having a disability. It probably means you are a creative problem-solver, and that you are super resilient and empathetic. These are all part of what makes you awesome!"

Ella Lamptey

"I found sharing my story was very difficult. It was never something I had planned on doing, and it was hard to open-up. I hope that my story will give some comfort to anyone else who is going through the same journey. I want others to understand that they are not alone and know that everyone struggles. I hope that my journey helps someone to start theirs and, if even one person learns something from me, then I believe that taking part in this opportunity was worth it."

"My advice to you is to make sure you take every day of your journey at your own pace. Set smaller, more attainable achievements that encourage you to keep going. When it comes to failure, accept it, learn from the mistakes and move forward. "

Maariya Hussain

"My hope for the future is to witness real equality. I do not want people to feel that they are being looked down upon due to their socio-economic status, race, religion, gender, etc. Sharing my story helped me. It enabled me to open about things I hadn’t previously come to terms with. Writing this chapter made me realise how much I have been through and how strong I am to have overcome these struggles. I am not really a person that opens-up to others about my feelings and writing this was a way for me to do this. I hope my story influences others to express themselves and let go of anything that is holding them back."

"My advice to you is to never be ashamed of who you are and don’t let anybody tell you that your dreams aren’t worth fighting for. Always believe in yourself and your capability in achieving your dreams. If things are not going right for you, don’t give up. Your battles make you stronger."

Mamadou Sow

"For anyone who is facing similar challenges to me, and wondering if you can do it, my advice is: you have got all you need, just believe in your abilities. I am not close to where I want to be, but I am positive that I will get there."

"The final point I would like to share here is that I am delighted to see that all the struggle I faced since my arrival in the UK has inspired my younger brother so much that he decided to follow my path towards achieving his degree in Computer Science at UWE Bristol as well. During his application process, he was fortunate to have an older brother who had been through the process which made it much easier for him. That made me realise that no matter how small a breaking-barrier action might be, it can have a huge positive impact on other people. I have understood that a very small action can open a very heavy door, and so I do have to take actions because I do believe that barriers must disappear. "

For more information about the book and our fabulous authors, you can find us on Instagram: @youarealimitededitionofficial and you can purchase the book on Amazon or Waterstones by clicking here .

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By Ciara Martin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator.


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