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Kickstarting my career with Bali Balm

TG Consulting is dedicated to providing opportunities for young people, and we are delighted to hear from one of our Kickstarters, Anisha, about her progress working with our client Bali Balm!

"I completed my master’s degree in Business management & Consultancy in May 2021, soon after I landed a kick-start role with TG consulting.

I felt extremely lucky to have been provided this opportunity; as a new graduate looking for work in a very uncertain climate due to the coronavirus outbreak I was pleased to find a role that was fitting to my degree and of interest to me.

My transition moving from university, to now working with TG consulting and my client Bali Balm has been exceptional, I have been able to apply my skills and experience that I learnt across my four years at university to real business practice.

Not only that, the support that has been provided to me each step of the way from both my client and Tonia Galati has motivated and increased my self confidence that I can in fact achieve my goals.

My role and journey as a Digital Marketing Manager for Bali Balm has allowed me to network and connect with a range of graphic designers and animators, as well as having daily conversations with the directors of the company to help ensure a successful social media strategy is in place. I am also responsible for managing all interactions on the social media platforms that the company operates on.

In particular, when reviewing the Instagram

page of Bali Balm, within the direct messages inbox I noticed that Kylie Jenner had previously mentioned Bali Balm’s lip products on her story in 2021.

I was super excited by this due to being a great fan of all her work!

Kylie Jenner is currently one of the most famous and successful celebrity influencers, and due to this it automatically created greater traction for Bali Balm in terms of an increase in inquiries, engagements, tags and comments.

I feel inspired and excited to move forward into the Christmas period with my client, I hope that we will be able to attract more successful influences and gain greater awareness for the brand through our new campaign plans.

Lastly, I would really like to thank Tonia for allowing me to join TG consulting and also Dan and Micky the directors of Bali Balm for believing in me and for allowing me to grow with the company.

I am very optimistic about the future plans and cannot wait to see the transitions."

To learn more about Bali Balm and their products, click here.

(Dan and Micky, Directors of Bali Balm)

By Anisha Tailor


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