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Final Day Thoughts from our KU Interns

In July 2020, TG Consulting welcomed three graduate interns from Kingston University, Ashleigh Donald, Hal Comer and Didi Berisha. In this current climate, it’s really important that businesses are able to pivot and get creative when it comes to offering opportunities.

We were delighted to be able to provide virtual internships for Hal, Ashleigh and Didi. They contributed to business-critical, worthwhile projects key to TG Consulting’s success, throughout the summer period, all whilst operating in a virtual team.

Whilst we are sad their internships have ended, we are grateful for their incredible contributions. We are also extremely glad to have been able to provide them with valuable, relevant, real-world work experiences. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours and thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Tonia Galati, Director & Founder of TG Consulting says:

It has been an absolute delight having Didi, Ashleigh and Hal, join TG Consulting over the last few weeks. This was the first time we had taken on graduates for a group project, and they were fantastic. They delivered some fantastic pieces of work and uncovered new opportunities for us too. Overall, they were a huge asset to the business and made some really valuable contributions in such a short space of time.”

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our three interns had to say about their experience with us at TG Consulting:

Ashleigh Donaldson says:

“Although my time at TG consulting was short, the experience has given me both the confidence and skills I hope to carry with me throughout my career. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of working with TG Consulting; the purpose, the passion, and most of all, the people. Although all team interactions were virtual, I don’t feel this hindered my ability to build great relationships. As a team, we communicated, connected, and collaborated effectively, efficiently and with great ease. We were all on the same page concerning the business’s objectives and goals.

The working environment was positive, upbeat, and comfortable, with team members and constantly offering support and validation. I have developed both personally and professionally, gaining more confidence in my abilities and my potential for success.”

Didi Berisha says:

“My experience working in a virtual team was definitely different. The things I missed most were being able to just turn a chair and talk to my teammates and the atmosphere of a regular office environment. I think that when you see and hear everyone working in one space, it's much easier to keep track of yourself.

However, it was a greatly positive experience and I did not feel as if this hindered my ability to work well in a team. My team members as well as my wider team were easily reachable as we had many channels of communication between us (email, group chat etc.) and all our meetings went smoothly.

Being able to work as an intern during TG Consulting’s initial startup stages and producing work to help further its growth was an amazing opportunity. Especially in the current Covid-19 climate where so many small businesses have been struggling.

In terms of my confidence, I feel that I have developed greatly. Being a small business, I and my team had a lot more one-on-one contact with our boss which really helped develop my confidence in my abilities. TG Consulting’s management style also definitely encouraged me to be more independent. From my time at TG Consulting, I’ve learnt to take the initiative when it comes to my own work as well as not being afraid of branching out and taking on more opportunities.”

Hal Comer says:

“At first, I found it to be quite unusual and, in some ways, challenging to get my point across to other team members whilst working in a virtual team. However, within the first two weeks, I became quickly accustomed to the virtual work style and from then on, it became much easier to communicate. I also believe this more relaxed style of working helped everyone to understand and work together better as it allowed for greater openness and creativity within our working environment.

To be honest, I never even noticed that the company had been newly formed in one of the most difficult periods imaginable! What most people would expect is for there to be little work available in the current Covid-19 climate, with most businesses in times of uncertainty and therefore acting tentative with new ventures. Yet, throughout my internship, my weeks were filled with a variety of different tasks and projects to complete based on what the business was trying to achieve with new and existing clients.

I feel that my biggest improvement in terms of confidence has been my desire to take on my own projects that play to my strengths. In addition to asking as many questions as it takes to fully understand the role that needs completing in the way that is best for the project. At first, I was slightly apprehensive when asking for more information but as I completed more projects, I gained greater confidence and understanding that it is better to ask more questions and fully understand the project as a whole than ask few and play a guessing game as to whether you are doing it right.”

What do TG Consulting offer?

We provide a bespoke service and are building a culture to challenge the way that universities, employers and suppliers work together, with students at the core. We work in true partnership with our clients, all of whom benefit from our insight, knowledge and experience.

You will receive our full focus as we approach every project with fresh ideas. As such, the work of TG Consulting has been recognised at this year’s UK Social Mobility Awards, as we have been shortlisted under the Small Business of the Year category.

If you are interested in offering an internship or want to have a chat over a virtual coffee and a free initial consultation, please contact us via

By Katie Watson, TG Consulting Intern

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