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New Kickstarter Alert: Welcome D'Andre Belgrave!

D'Andre is our 10th Kickstarter and will be working primarily for our client, GWhizz! We're excited to have you on the team, D'Andre!

We asked D'Andre:

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you wanted to join the TG Consulting team.

My reasoning for wanting to join TG Consulting is because they care for people and help people find a sense of purpose in life, by giving them career opportunities or mentorship to those who may have struggled academically or may have made the wrong decision because they didn't know what they wanted for themselves. I respect/support the work they do as they keep providing hope and a vision for people.

What are you most looking forward to about your role?

What I am looking forward to is being part of a team, learning, and sharing ideas, hearing different perspectives and getting the experience I need so I can continue to progress in my career.

Genair, Founder and CEO of GWhizz, says:

It's always a pleasure to be working with TG Consulting on any project. The professionalism and the ability to know exactly what the client needs is always a breath of fresh air. I am happy to work with TG Consulting and young talented, skilled people to achieve our goals. I look forward to working with TG Consulting and D'Andre to over the next several months!

What do TG Consulting offer?

TG Consulting is passionate about connecting Higher Education Institutions and Employers to engage students, embedding employability into the curriculum and breaking down barriers for students.

We offer student and staff training, as well as support to careers services and with strategic planning. We recently won the award for Best New Business at the Best Businesswomen Awards and we pride ourselves on prioritising the employment of student interns and graduates, ensuring they are at the centre of all our projects.

If you are interested in our services or would like a free consultation, please get in contact with us:

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