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"Life is not Meant to be Perfect, We Become Stronger as Individuals." Quotes from the Authors!

Every Wednesday on the TG Consulting Blog, we will be sharing quotes from 3 of our very own Authors, You can find part one here. If you like what you have read, you can buy You Are A Limited Edition here , a book with a collection of stories from students which are inspiring and motivational. All profits go towards supporting young people who face barriers to employment. You can also find more information about our authors and the book on Instagram: @youarealimitededitionofficial .

Mohammed Essakini

"As a child of immigrants, there’s a constant duality in our miscellaneous existence, the feeling of not belonging fully to a specific culture. The unlikeness of living one culture in a foreign country, that is where you advance new observation by learning to balance the both with the consideration of not given any overcoming thoughts that believe there is a better society than others, instead, simply embraces, learn and accept construal diversity. Looking back, I was a confident guy, always with energy meanwhile embracing the frames around me and trying to blend in."

"Find people that value you or people that you can learn from as everyone has a story and each story could have been anyone."

Bethany Fraser

"Sharing my story has made me realise how much I have changed since moving back to the UK, and how the challenges I have faced along the way have helped shape me as an individual. I hope that by sharing my struggles, I can help others realise that they are not alone during their journey to securing their dream career. And that they should never let a setback hold them back, but instead use it as a learning experience. "

"Sometimes life is not meant to be perfect, but that is okay because in the end, it means we become stronger as individuals. Life’s troubles can help us reach our career goals, making us more appreciative of our accomplishments and more deserved of what we make ourselves."

Obed Adomako

"I want to simply impact the lives of others to fulfil their purpose in life. Overall, sharing my story reminded me to not be complacent in the position that I am in now but to strive for more. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share my experience but also to unlock some doors that had been locked and forgotten about, but worth exposing. Not only did I share this chapter out of my own interest but to also impact you as the reader."

"You are the main character of your story."

Thank you to our wonderful authors for sharing their stories and providing words of wisdom. We hope the book helps students, educators and employers to support themselves and others who may face barriers in life.

For more information about the book and our fabulous authors, you can find us on Instagram: @youarealimitededitionofficial and you can purchase the book on Amazon or Waterstones by clicking here .

What do TG Consulting Offer?

TG Consulting is an Independent consultancy that connects employers, educators and students. Our Ethos is to: connect, collaborate and create. Our services include: graduate and student employability training, careers service health checks and development of student engagement initiatives.

If you are interested in our services please email: .

By Ciara Martin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator


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