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"Educators and Employers have the Power to Transform Life Chances" The First Official Book Review!

On The 1st March 2021 TG Consulting released a book called You Are A Limited Edition. This is a collection of lived student experiences from 25 authors. Themes of the book include: Mental Health, LGBTQ, Racism, Toxic Masculinity and more! All profits from the book go to supporting young people who face barriers to employment. You can order the book here or find out more by following our Instagram Page: @youarealimitededtionofficial .

Laurel Farrington - Mediator has kindly written a review for us.

"Storytelling is a skilled and ancient art yet in this book twenty-five young people share compelling personal narratives in a manner both modern and guileless. Their stories cut through the jargon that many of us hear and use in the professional world and bring to life the true meanings of words such as ‘engagement’, ‘diversity’ and’ inclusion’.

Each story describes a journey through childhood to early adulthood, hard travelling through often grim physical and emotional landscapes. The Heroes are the young people themselves, confronting situations which often must feel like daunting demons threatening to overpower them.

We are guided to an understanding of what it means to be faced at an early age with challenges that most people may not have not encountered: the ‘lived experience’ of the young refugee: the child of immigrants learning to live across two cultures: the troubled often depressed young person sometimes driven to starve themselves or seek solace in alcohol and other self-harming activities: those subjected to hostility for their darker skin tone or even for having red hair or because of their LGBTQ+ identity: young people living with a chronic illness or disability.

It is the detail and nuance of each of these individual Odysseys that make these portraits so unique, authentic and utterly believable. At the same time, there are powerful themes in common, highlighting the need to build confidence and self-belief, to keep going in the face of obstacles, the value of supportive friendships, the importance of recognising mentors and being open to their encouragement.

This is a joyful and mood-enhancing book, which left me feeling a whole lot better after I had finished it. It has the capacity to motivate and give hope to young people, who may face difficulties in their lives. Sadly, there will be many more striving to overcome such challenges in a post-Covid world. Yet, as importantly, it is a book which offers inspiration to anyone working or intending to work with children and young people in education, employment or any other setting.

The overriding message for me is that so much more is possible: and that employers and educators have enormous power to be that never-to-be forgotten individual, who, by connecting through empathy and imagination, helps that young person transform their expectations and life chances. This book has the potential to help us recognise our enormous and often unrecognised power to either hold back or help expand the horizons and hopes of the young people we encounter.

It opens our imaginations to what is possible. "

Thank you so much to Laurel for taking the time to read You Are A Limited Edition and writing such a detailed review. You can order the book as a physical copy or in Kindle edition here or from Amazon and Waterstones . Please let us know your thoughts when you have read it!

What do TG Consulting Offer?

TG Consulting is an Independent consultancy that connects employers, educators and students. Our Ethos is to: connect, collaborate and create. Our services include: graduate and student employability training, careers service health checks and development of student engagement initiatives.

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By Ciara Martin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator

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